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Ramon DeLeon, a local Chicago Dominos owner recently highlighted yours truly in a video.  His video was thanking Maura Hernandez and myself for ordering his food for our lunch series we host here. 

Why a video?  Why spend the time thanking us for simply ordering?

Many reasons.  Ramon has his twitter set up to constantly search for users talking about lunch, pizza, dominos, etc.  Through the use of social media tools, Ramon found out about our order, along with our previous ordering history (because we talk about it online). 

This simple 1 minute video went viral.  Attendees at the lunch were able to view, folks watching us on Twitter (through the use of hash tags) viewed, my followers (and theirs, for those who “re-tweeted”) watched, and now I am sharing with you. 

Ramon made a 1 minute video.  Countless number of people saw his brand.  Good use of time?  I think so!

Click here to view the video on Viddler.


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