A good friend of mine forwarded an article on proven ways to get retweeted on twitter.  I think she sent this article because she knew I would enjoy and she knew I would have more than two cents to talk about.

Boy was she correct.

This is a subject that many brands are looking to conquer and learn how.  I’ll tell you one thing, bar none, there is NO guaranteed way to get retweeted.  It’s similar to guaranteeing a person will be in a certain mindset, have the same schedule every day.  If you can guarantee that, I know a lot of extremely large brands who would pay through the nose for this.

It simply is not true. 

However, the article does have some wonderful pointers, enough so that I have decided to share it with you – but with the previous disclaimers. 

A few of the proven (based on numbers – not percentages, which I think is where the author looses me) methods include: what URL shorteners to use, common words and phrases and punctuation.

I will agree here.  Take your time to use the correct punctuation and words/phrases and I might be more inclined to retweet you.  However, content is still king and will overrule many of these. 

Give me a tweet with information, catchy, and link to a good article and I will resend [retweet] to my followers. 

Click here to read the full article.

Not About YOU

There was a great article written by Gini Dietrich (Chief Executive Officer of Arment Dietrich Public Relations) in Franchise Times in the October 2009 issue: Social Media 101 – Newfangled networking only works if it’s not all about you.

In the article, Dietrich discusses the importance of figuring out what your goals are for your social media [communication] program before setting your strategy.

According to statistics on the Socialnomics blog, 78 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 14 percent trust traditional advertisements. And peer recommendations come in all forms—at a weekend soccer game, around the water cooler, and on social networks.

Worth checking out the entire article.  Click here to access Dietrich article on Franchise Times.

Ramon DeLeon, a local Chicago Dominos owner recently highlighted yours truly in a video.  His video was thanking Maura Hernandez and myself for ordering his food for our lunch series we host here. 

Why a video?  Why spend the time thanking us for simply ordering?

Many reasons.  Ramon has his twitter set up to constantly search for users talking about lunch, pizza, dominos, etc.  Through the use of social media tools, Ramon found out about our order, along with our previous ordering history (because we talk about it online). 

This simple 1 minute video went viral.  Attendees at the lunch were able to view, folks watching us on Twitter (through the use of hash tags) viewed, my followers (and theirs, for those who “re-tweeted”) watched, and now I am sharing with you. 

Ramon made a 1 minute video.  Countless number of people saw his brand.  Good use of time?  I think so!

Click here to view the video on Viddler.

Give Back Chicago

I thought I would share a bit about Give Back Chicago (http://www.givebackchicago.com/). It’s a group (myself included) who got together and thought it would be a nice idea to hold a happy hour and auction to connect professionals with skills-based volunteering opportunities.

Some of the projects/opportunities include:

  • Writing Press Releases
  • Event Planning
  • Grant Writing
  • Administrative Help (filing, data entry, office work, etc)
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing/Newsletter Help
  • …..and more 

We will be hosting the “auction” on November 4th at 5:30pm at Buca di Beppo (Rush and Grand). There will be time to meet and network, then an “auction” to connect with the nonprofits and volunteer for specific projects, then more time to network!  www.givebackchicago.eventbrite.com.

Buca is donating pizza and the space (they really do rock – if you go to eat there, ask for the salad with apples – trust me).

There is a $10 fee. I know it’s a tough time for many, and I know $10 sometimes is tough to stretch and I totally understand. However, all of the money will be donated to a nonprofit (we will draw their name out of a hat at the event) and we are not keeping any of it (except to pay for the Eventbrite fee).

I’d love it if you would be able to come out on the 4th and donate a few hours of your time, and more importantly, your skills. If you cannot make it, please let me know how you are doing and if you would like to know about any opportunity where you can help with your skills!

RSVP Here: www.givebackchicago.eventbrite.com

Stay smiling,

 Jon Bishop from JohnBishop.com had a wonderful post where he highlighted some of the free tools available out there for you to monitor your online presence and reputation. 

As a social media consultant, many of my clients inquire about some of the best products available to monitor and manage their online reputation and branding.  My answer always depends on their strategy, product or service, and budget.  Some are expensive, some are less so.

However, the tools Bishop highlights are top-notch and are sufficient for anybody starting out.   

Click here to access the entire list!


Thank you for visiting our new website, JG Social Media!  As with all website related design, it will be a work in progress as I tweak some of the HTML, widgets, etc. 

As a social media consultant to the A/E/C industry, I have been witness to many design processes from buildings to wastewater treatment plants; I have learned that no matter how much you tweak a design, there will always be something else to change.

I’ll leave you with a Twitter Tip today:

When re-tweeting (AKA: RT) somebody, try to insert (before the RT) a reason why you are “sending” this to your followers.  Something as simple as “worth reading” if it is an article; “can anybody help” if it requires attention/help; etc.