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Seth Godin had a great post the other day, Benefit of the doubt that got me thinking about how many people are judging us based on first impressions and how, as Godin puts it:

“It’s almost impossible to communicate something clearly and succinctly to everyone, all the time.”

What does this mean exactly? Are people dissecting every status update of mine on Facebook or LinkedIn? Are people discussing my latest tweet on Twitter? Should I be more careful and worried? Perhaps if I wanted to paralyze myself and drive myself crazy.

Rather than hold still and analyze my voice and every single word I type or say, I prefer to (as Godin says): “earn the benefit of the doubt.”

I’ll leave you with just that and am curious how you earn the benefit of the doubt….


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Jon Bishop from johnbishop.com had another great article the other day: Get More ReTweets Out Of Your ReTweet Button. In the article, Bishop discusses some of the important functions your retweet button should do/have. A few of  his suggestions include:

  • Shorten your link
  • Use retweetable titles
  • Give you credit
  • Make it simple

These are some great suggestions, and are often overlooked (as Bishop comments as well) by many. Additionally, I think a major missed opportunity in the world of twitter (and the knowledge of search engines pulling your tweets) is keywords. Not only do keywords allow you to be found on twitter searches (for tweets or for people) but also allows followers and users alike to quickly understand who you are, what you do, and what this tweet may be about.

Using the K.I.S.S. rule is best on Twitter; keep it simple with shorter and trackable links, make sure people can easily find you, and use keywords in the tweet and title. By keeping it simple, you allow more characters to be used by 2nd or 3rd dregree RT’s!

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There was a great article written by Gini Dietrich (Chief Executive Officer of Arment Dietrich Public Relations) in Franchise Times in the October 2009 issue: Social Media 101 – Newfangled networking only works if it’s not all about you.

In the article, Dietrich discusses the importance of figuring out what your goals are for your social media [communication] program before setting your strategy.

According to statistics on the Socialnomics blog, 78 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 14 percent trust traditional advertisements. And peer recommendations come in all forms—at a weekend soccer game, around the water cooler, and on social networks.

Worth checking out the entire article.  Click here to access Dietrich article on Franchise Times.

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